Here’s what people are saying . . . . . .

 “I can’t believe how many compliments I received after Mimi’s ‘closet consultation.’  Items that had been in my closet for years suddenly looked fashion-forward because Mimi showed me how to pair pieces together that I never imagined, and showed me how to use accessories to create polished looks.  Instead of dreading getting dressed each day for work, I open my closet, see many options, and walk out the door feeling confident each day.” ~ Marcy M., San Francisco

“Mimi’s style is clean and impeccable.  A peek into her closet shows a neatly organized anthology of her true love—fashion.”  ~ Nathalee S., San Francisco

“Mimi is the type of woman that always looks great wherever she goes.  She looks effortlessly put together whether running errands or dressed for a night on the town.  Mimi has an eye for detail, a genuine ability to teach others how to express themselves through their wardrobe, and a special talent for getting women in touch with their true style.  She’ll show you how to reinvigorate your lack-luster wardrobe and feel great about the way you look every day.”  ~ Brett B., San Francisco

“As a mom who also works full time, I just haven’t had the time or energy to shop, read fashion magazines, or, frankly, to take good care of myself.  Hiring Mimi for a closet consultation and personal shopping was the nicest gift I could give myself, and one with long lasting effects.  I wish I had hired Mimi years ago for this uplifting experience!”  ~ Elizabeth L., San Francisco

“Mimi has an impeccable and classic eye.  She has a clear passion for fashion and helping others feel their best.  Mimi is not just a fashion expert, she’s a style expert!”  ~ Hollie A., San Francisco

“As a more than twenty year friend, I can attest to the fact that Mimi’s style aesthetic is the perfect marriage of elegance and common sense, exemplified by her keen eye on what is simple, fashionable, and fantastic.  I have been privy to Mimi’s sense of style from the days of private school, all the way to her professional image attire.  Always fresh and well put-together, Mimi’s fashion and accessory combinations conjure up echoes of Jackie O. with a splash of Coco Chanel.  Eat your heart out Carson Kressly, Mimi has opened shop!”  ~ Maei T., Berkeley

“Mimi inspires me to dress in a way that makes me feel good, no matter the occasion, and taught me it can be easy and effortless to look great.”  ~ Brett B., San Francisco

“Mimi has a real passion for personal style.  Her simple and classic approach focuses on high-quality pieces which can transform a dull wardrobe into an eye-catching collection.”  ~ George M., San Francisco