A little bit about me . . .

Fashion is my art; style is my voice.  Always have been.

I've loved fashion and style in every form from a very early age. From poring over fashion magazines, to my first pair of high heels, fashion gave me a way to express myself and communicate who I was to the world.  

It still does.

So, after years of working as an attorney, I decided to make a go of helping others find their voice through style.

I believe in quality over quantity, style over trend, and finding a way to express your voice through fashion.

I’ll help you cut through the noise of today’s fast fashion temptations, revolving trend cycles, and cheaply made clothes to find quality pieces and styles that last. I’ll educate you about color, fit, fabric, good tailoring, when to invest your money and when to save it.

I’m inspired by fashion icons and designers alike, from Diane Von Furtsenberg, Oscar De La Renta, Alessandro Michele and Valentino, to Cate Blanchett, Chloë Sevigny, Carine Roitfeld, and Keith Richards, to name just a few. 

Yes, your read that last one right, Keith Richards, legendary Rolling Stone.  Because everyone needs a little rock and roll in their wardrobe . . .